[JAVA] What is Facade? ??

Facade is one of the design patterns lol

A design pattern is A pattern of commonly used designs in object orientation. The content of each pattern is clarified, and it has a fixed role such as "data access"! As for how to use it, it is used as a class (sometimes a method) like "~ Facade.java".

Then about the main subject Facade.

・ Facade

Classes with different roles will be processed in this order! It is a design pattern that executes a series of steps as a set lol

For example, if there is a Facade that "updates the master data",

  1. Have the input information set. (VO)
  2. Refill the beans set in VO.
  3. Execute controller to register and update with Bean value as an argument.

If any one of them is processed like this, the bad one will be done as a set with Facade's class or method.

Well, I think it's okay to imagine the entrance of C in MVC lol

Are you looking at it at a glance? You may think that, but with this, it is easy to check if there is any omission in the middle of the process, so I think that it is convenient when repairing the system lol

Please use it by all means lol

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