[RUBY] [rails] Deleted NOFILE migration file

Case details

I got a file like this You can't bring down the migration file because you can't rollback

up     20200926110535  ********** NO FILE **********

How the incident happened

Probably with the migration status UP I have deleted the migration file.

In my case, I deleted the entire change on the git desktop, so it seems that this incident happened.


Well, as a result of seeing some of the articles posted by everyone, it was solved safely.

First, to give a name to no faile Run this command in the terminal: zap: (Change the migration ID to your nofile ID. The name after that is a dummy, so anything is fine. )

% touch db/migrate/20200926110535_fuwafuwa.rb

After execution ↓


class Hoge < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
  def change

Then the above name migration file will It should exist.

Please specify your rails version as the version !!!!!: shamrock:

After that, if you check rails db: migrate: status and it looks like this, it is successful.

up     20200926110535  fuwafuwa

After that, if you delete the migration file earlier, it will be solved safely! : corn:

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