java variable declaration

I will also write about variable declarations.

Java variable declaration (identifier)

To use variables in Java programs First of all, we have to do something called "variable declaration".

In order to use a variable in a program, it must be named. The name of this variable is read as an identifier.

In addition, the type of variables is determined by the type of data to be handled. This type must be specified.


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Model name identifier;

Example: For age Specify the number type with int Specify the variable name (identifier) with age

int age;

Assign a value to a variable

For Java, use the symbol "=" (equal) as shown below Write the variable name represented by the identifier declared on the left side and the expression on the right side.

It does not matter whether there is a space between the variable and "=".

Variable name (identifier)=formula;

Example: Specify 30 It means assigning the value 30 to the variable age.

age = 30;

Assign a variable value to a variable

This means assigning the same value in the variable named age to the variable named sameAge.

sameAge = age;

Declaration and assignment together

You can also write declarations and assignments together.

Model name identifier=formula;
int age = 24;

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