A bat file that uses Java in windows


@echo off

cd %~dps0

SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;mongo-java-driver-2.14.3.jar

SET DATETIME=%date:~-10,4%%date:~-5,2%%date:~-2,2%%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%
SET RESULT_FILE_KPF=%~dps0result\%DATETIME%\favorite_kpf.txt
SET PROPERTIES_FILE=%~dps0env_Accountadditionals.properties

SET RESULT_FILE_KPF_URL=%~dps0result\%DATETIME%\favorite_kpf_url.txt
SET RESULT_FILE_KPF_DATE=%~dps0result\%DATETIME%\favorite_kpf_date.txt
SET RESULT_FILE_KPF_UNIQUEID=%~dps0result\%DATETIME%\favorite_kpf_uniqueId.txt

javac -encoding UTF-8 DataCollect_DB_Accountadditionals_kpf.java
javac -encoding UTF-8 DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_url.java
javac -encoding UTF-8 DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_date.java
javac -encoding UTF-8 DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_uniqueId.java

java DataCollect_DB_Accountadditionals_kpf %RESULT_FILE_KPF% %PROPERTIES_FILE%
java DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_url %INPUT_FILE_KPF% %RESULT_FILE_KPF_URL%
java DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_date %INPUT_FILE_KPF% %RESULT_FILE_KPF_DATE%
java DataCollect_Accountadditionals_kpf_uniqueId %INPUT_FILE_KPF% %RESULT_FILE_KPF_UNIQUEID%

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