[JAVA] Create an app with Spring Boot

Currently creating a Spring Boot app. For the time being, I built the environment and was able to go to the place where the application started, so make a note. Output for personal notes.

Download STS

-Install a dedicated editor to proceed with Spring Boot development. See below for the procedure.  https://qiita.com/andna0410/items/e9cc07c9e2e34a542245 ~~ ・ Install Lombok as an option. See below for the procedure.  https://qiita.com/t-iguchi/items/a0c88df01b6a601afbed~~

Project creation

● "File"-> "New"-> "Other"-> "Spring Boot"-> "Spring Starter Project"  1.png

● Project name setting -"Name": SpringApp1 </ font> → The name of the app. ・ "Group": com.ex1 </ font> → Domain-like feeling? (Like xxx.com), don't overlap with other groups. -"Delivery": SpringApp1 </ font> → This is also the name of the app. Basically, when you enter the "name", it will be entered automatically. -"Package": com.ex1 </ font> → Package name as it is. I think it's the same as "group". ・ If it looks like the image below, click "Next".  2.png ● Dependency settings ・ Enter a keyword in the place of "Available:" and select what to use. -"Spring Boot Dev Tools"-> After editing the code, the server will be restarted automatically. ~~ ・ "Lombok" → Getters and setters are automatically generated. ~~ -"JDBC API"-> database driver. ・ "H2 Database" → Database (not used in production) -"Thymeleaf" → is an HTML template engine used in the SpringBoot standard. ・ "Spring Web" → Spring MVC and Spring Boot can be used. ・ If you see the image below, press "Finish".  3.png ● Create controllers and views -Since "com.ex1" is created in "src / main / java </ font>" ** Create a "Controller" folder under it. ** ** -Create "UserController.java" under it. ** ** -Create "user.html" under ** "templates" of "src / main / resources </ font>". ** **

● Edit the contents of the created file.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns:th="http://www.thymeleaf.org">
    <meta charset="UTF-8"></meta>
    <h1>User Search</h1>


package com.ex1.Controller;

import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.GetMapping;

public class UserController {
    public String getUser() {
        return "user";

・ If it looks like the image below, it's OK.  4.png

● Execute the project and check the startup of the application. -"Right-click on the project"-> "Run"-> "Spring Boot application"  5.png -Then, the following display is output on the console screen.  6.png ・ If you access "http: // localhost: 8080 /" and the following screen appears, you are successful.  7.png

Once here. Next, we will do the Post method and the point of fetching data from the DB.

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