What is the volatile modifier for Java variables?

Overview of volatile modifiers

--It's a modifier given to variables. In some cases it can be used instead of synchronized. --The following is a usage example.

private static volatile int count = 0; 

Role 1: Prohibit reading from cache value

--If multithreading is used, each thread may cache the value of the field. Role to exclude from this cache (Since each thread prepares a copy of the variable for performance improvement, if the value in the main memory changes, it may deviate from the value in the thread) --If you add volatile, you can request ** read this variable from main memory **.

Role 2: Exclude compile-time optimization

--When Java is compiled, optimization is performed to eliminate unnecessary evaluation.

#The code below...
boolean flg = true;

#Optimized as follows...→ The loop does not end on the assumption that flg is changed to false in another thread!

--By adding volatile, you can request that you do not perform the above ** optimization **.

How is it different from synchronized?

--Synchronized is more sophisticated (volatile is a simplified version of synchronized) --volatile has the above role, but it is not thread-safe. --volatile has the role of synchronizing variables between the thread and main memory (= reading the value from main memory without caching), but synchronized also has the role of performing exclusive control. -It is wrong to say that ** volatile ** can be used for exclusive control.


[Difference Between Volatile and Synchronized Keywords in Java] https://dzone.com/articles/difference-between-volatile-and-synchronized-keywo

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