"I'm sure it's good to study Java"

It is certain engineers of Hello Co., Ltd. Nuco

As introduced in Day 1 article, we are a company mainly engaged in machine learning.

In my work, I'm writing Python rigorously, but since it was said that I can write as I like, I will talk about Java as the title says.

I myself chose Java when I became an engineer

At that time, there was no reason, I think it was because it was a language with a name that I often hear for the time being.

After becoming an engineer, I first experienced the development of business applications using Java, and worked while studying the concept of MVC framework.

Until recently, I think I'll write about what I felt "I'm glad I did Java" ~~ painfully ~~ I'm sorry that I feel like I'm not so technical

・ Introduction

  1. Abundant pages and articles that can be referred to on the net
  2. Rich library
  3. "Peculiarity" that considers the data type
  4. Android development from Java experience
  5. Other language development from Java experience

1. Abundant pages and articles that can be referred to on the net

You can find a lot of information including personal blogs. I thought Java was particularly nice (small average feeling).

Even if you don't try hard to decipher the English exchange with Stack 〇-Burf 〇-, you can often find a clue to the solution just by google in Japanese. (But if you can't use English, it will be difficult in the future, so let's do our best to study there ☆)

Even if you feel that the problem is quite limited, you can often find the know-how of the ancestors who encountered similar problems, so it is hard to fall into an unsolvable state (Java is especially like that). )


Now that information dissemination, including "Qiita" and "Hate 〇", has become quite free, articles can be found in other languages as such, so Java "only" is not a good point ...

2. Rich library

There is a high possibility that you will come across a library that can use processing that makes you think "I wish there was such processing".

It is more reliable than implementing it from scratch, and it also reduces the amount of code → improves readability.

You can realize the process you want to implement just by importing and calling the function, and it's free. Thank you for the wisdom of our predecessors and let's use it.

… Because it ’s not a bad thing to have fun.

If you are new to Java, let's start by googled "java string utilities". You will surely be happy.

3. "Peculiarity" that considers the data type

Java is writing the process, and if you make a mistake in the type of the variable that assigns the return value from the method, the IDE will immediately throw a compile error.

It is necessary to pay attention to "what type of data is being handled in the current process".

It's hard to do "tac javac and compile manually" in recent development sites, and now I can't run it without the permission of my IDE seniors.

Type inference doesn't exist by default

It ’s like training a small child with orthodontic chopsticks.

Get in the habit of coding while being aware of the correct type

It will definitely help you when you move to another language

4. Android development from Java experience

The language is Java, which opens the way to Android development.

It is also important to know that Android development = smartphone application development is not the only thing

Since there are many sites that use Android even in embedded development, the range of work is much wider than when dealing with Java alone.

I've been in that field for about a year in the past, but it was fun to develop while kneading not only Android knowledge but also actual hardware.

5. Other language development from Java experience

It's a story I wrote a little about the item of data type consideration.

Java is a "rule-noisy" language anyway

Ambiguous writing will result in an immediate error

Don't expect it to be "good" or "feel good"

I think everyone knows the height of the hurdle to do hello world.


public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World !!");

↑ You have to make such a declaration just to output one line

You can see how complicated the "programming language" is

At first, people sometimes say, "I think it's magic," but it's not "magic."

It is no exaggeration to say that the basic and important essences for mastering Java are condensed in these five lines.

That's why I think it's worth the effort to learn first

By the way, Python ↓


print('Hello World !!')  # Simple is the best, huh?


I wrote it steadily

Java is at the root of my engineering career

If you study one language with some effort, the hurdles for learning another language will be lowered.

I think Java is the biggest drop in that hurdle.

If there are people who are struggling with Java around you who are reading this article because of your relationship, please kindly talk to me.

"There are definitely good things to do if you study Java."

Thank you very much.

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