I made a risky die with Ruby

I tried to make a risky dice that appears in Hunter Hunter by practicing ruby. There are numbers from 1 to 20, and 20 is a villain.

def risky_daice
  array = []
  puts 'How many times should i shake'
  stop = gets.to_i
  puts 'I'll roll the dice'
  while true
    deme = rand(1..20)
    num = array.push deme
    if deme == 20
      puts deme
      puts 'Ah, it came out'
      p "#{num.count}The villain came out at the second time"
    elsif num.count == stop
      puts deme
      puts 'Stop there'
      p "#{num.count}It shook. Please challenge again"
      puts deme
-> % ruby risky_daice.rb

How many times should i shake
I'll roll the dice
Ah, it came out
"The 17th time was a terrible disaster"

Is it good to shake it before the performance?

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