[RUBY] bundle install error

An error has occurred

Describe the Gem you want to use in the Gemfile and bundle install! Oh,


You have requested:
  listen >= 3.0.5, < 3.2

The bundle currently has listen locked at 3.2.1.
Try running `bundle update listen`

If you are updating multiple gems in your Gemfile at once,
try passing them all to `bundle update`

Oops ... What is written ...

I can't speak English so I'll leave it to Google Translate


You requested:
Listen> = 3.0.5、<3.2

Bundle is currently 3.2.It is listen-locked at 1.
`bundle updatelisten`Try to run

If you want to update multiple gems in a Gemfile at once
All of them`bundleupdate`Please give it to

Said Google Translate.

What does that mean? The version of this gem called listen is specified as 3.0.5 or more and less than 3.2, and the bundle side only supports 3.2.1 ~ So please update ~ Is that what you mean?


This is exactly as the terminal told me


bundle update

After doing this, bundle install solved it Apparently, this happens if Rails and Bundler support different versions.

If you are an iPhone user, you probably have similar experience.

"A new version of iOS is out, so let's update it." "Okay, the update is over, will you play the game?" "Oh, the app doesn't start ..."

This also seems to occur because the latest iOS and the version of the application do not correspond Therefore, it is said that it is better not to update indiscriminately just because the latest version is released (I will do it in haste, but ^ o ^)

It's decided that the newer version is better! !! At first I thought, but it seems that it is in the engineer's field that the functions that were working until now will not work due to the update. If you like new things, be careful! !!

How to use bundle install and bundle update

bundle install installs Gem based on Gemfile.lock If there is a Gemfile but not in Gemfile.lock, update Gemfile.lock after installing the target Gem.

bundle update installs Gem based on Gemfile and updates Gemfile.lock

After all, if Gemfile.lock is not updated, it will not be reflected in the application. I often touch Gemfile, but I recognize that the final decision is left to Gemfile.lock.



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