[ruby] How to assign a value to a hash by referring to the value and key of another hash

It's not a big story, but I was pretty confused at first.

For example, suppose you have the following hash.

key value
Taro Miyagi
Jiro Aomori
Hanako Okinawa

This can be simply written as hash = {"Taro "=>" Miyagi "," Jiro "=>" Aomori "," Hanako "=>" Okinawa "}, but there is also such a hash. And.

key value
Miyagi 400 yen
Aomori 700 yen
Okinawa 1200 yen

I'm not sure if the shipping cost for each prefecture is about this, so please forgive me for the random numbers, but it looks like a table like the shipping cost for each prefecture. This is also like ref = {"Miyagi "=> 400," Aomori "=> 700," Okinawa "=> 1200}.

As a reminder, I couldn't find a description of the case where I wanted to convert it to a hash of a name and shipping pair.

How you commented

I used to do the annoying thing of converting it to a two-dimensional array and then back to the hash again, but it was better to use transform_values, a method that allows you to change all the hash values ​​directly. Thank you for telling me.

list = hash.transform_values{ |x| ref[x] }

p list
# { "Taro" => 400 , "Jiro" => 700, "Hanako" => 1200 }



But it seems to be okay. smart!

How I did it myself

list = hash.to_a.each{|x| x[1] = ref[x[1]]}.to_h 

p list
# { "Taro" => 400 , "Jiro" => 700, "Hanako" => 1200 }

I want to process them in order, so I just need to convert them to a two-dimensional array with to_a, put the hash value of ref in the second (x [1]) in order, and finally convert it to a hash.

It's simple, but it's surprisingly confusing. I think there might be an easier way (there was).

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