The milliseconds to set in /lib/ of Java jre is UTC

"Epoch time" is set, so put it in UTC!

When to switch the era, which is a hot topic right now "January 1, 2019" As a result of testing with

The start time in "UTC" on that day is in ISO8601 format.


 So, in epoch time (milliseconds),
 have become.

 This number is used for JRE

#### **`/lib/`**

 When I set it to, I was able to switch successfully. It is a story.

 * I referred to the following article.
 Support the new era in Java

## I wondered if I would set the delimiter time of Japan time to property.

 9 hours time difference

#### **`2019-01-01T00:00:00+09:00 → 1546268400000`**

I tried to set From the first day of the next era, it was "~~ January 1, 2nd year", so I almost died.

Please refer to it in an environment where Oracle update cannot be applied.

Utility for work


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