[JAVA] How to use CommandLineRunner in Spring Batch of Spring Boot

When I investigated how to make a console application with Spring Boot, it says that `` `CommandLineRunnerorApplicationRunner``` is used when reading the reference guide.

By the way, when I somehow investigated the implementation class of CommandLineRunner, there was a class called JobLauncherCommandLineRunnerto run Spring Batch with Spring Boot. The default behavior of this class is to execute all `` `Job` `` in that context. However, it is written that a specific job can be executed by specifying jobName```. I was wondering how to implement this, so I looked at the source of the relevant part.


public class JobLauncherCommandLineRunner
	implements CommandLineRunner, ApplicationEventPublisherAware {

	@Autowired(required = false)
	public void setJobs(Collection<Job> jobs) {
		this.jobs = jobs;

	public void run(String... args) throws JobExecutionException {
		logger.info("Running default command line with: " + Arrays.asList(args));
		launchJobFromProperties(StringUtils.splitArrayElementsIntoProperties(args, "="));

	private void executeLocalJobs(JobParameters jobParameters)
			throws JobExecutionException {
		for (Job job : this.jobs) {
			if (StringUtils.hasText(this.jobNames)) {
				String[] jobsToRun = this.jobNames.split(",");
				if (!PatternMatchUtils.simpleMatch(jobsToRun, job.getName())) {
					logger.debug("Skipped job: " + job.getName());
			execute(job, jobParameters);

After starting Spring Boot, the `run``` method of` CommandLineRunner is executed. The job is started by the implementation here. Also, the injection of `` `setJbos will include all Job``` collections. Next, the ```executeLocalJobs``` method is used to start all the `Jobs one by one. At that time, if jobName``` is specified, only matching jobs are started and others are skipped.

I wondered how to execute only a specific function with some key in the console application ~ I thought that even if there are multiple `` `CommandLineRunner```, all of them will be executed ~, but if you make it like this look good.

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