[Note] About the Fizz_Buzz problem (How Ruby on Rails works)

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After creating the PF, when I was entering the Fizz_Buzz problem again in Ruby, I have deepened my understanding a little, so I will leave it as a memorandum.

What is the Fizz_Buzz problem?

The player sits in a circle. The first player says the number "1". The next player speaks the next number of the previous player. However, if it is divisible by 3, it is "Fizz" (in the case of Bizz Buzz, it is "Bizz"), if it is divisible by 5, it is "Buzz", and if it is divisible by both (that is, it is divisible by 15), it is "Fizz Buzz" (Bizz Buzz). If you have to say "Bizz Buzz") instead of a number. Those who make a mistake or hesitate will be dropped out. Posted from Wiki: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fizz_Buzz

Writing this programmatically requires conditional branching (if statements, etc.) and repetition (for statements, etc.), so it is often a practice problem for beginners.


def fizz_buzz(number)
	if number % 15 == 0
		puts "fuzz_buzz"
	elsif number % 5 == 0
		puts "buzz"
	elsif number % 3 == 0
		puts "fuzz"
		puts number.to_s

puts "Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1"
for i in 1..5 do
  print fizz_buzz(gets.to_i)

In Ruby on Rails

Look closely at the following programs on the controller


def show
	@user = User.find(params[:id])

The gets.to_i in fizz_buzz.rb is done in the view file, and the controller processing is executed.

For those who know it, it's natural, but it fell into the prefecture.

that's all

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