Welcome to the Java Library Swamp! !!

Hello Nev (neb). As early as 10 days after I started studying Java, I'm already obsessed with the fun of Java, so I'd like to drop what I've studied while getting on with it as a log.

Today's drop is about Spring Boot.

As I was studying Java, I noticed that Java has a ridiculously excellent library. As for how excellent it is, it is excellent enough to be able to manufacture screens and unit tests almost automatically. I was playing with raw PHP, so it's a level that I don't like (laughs) Since I was obsessed with the charm of such a library, I have compiled the materials that were extremely easy to understand when I used the library for the first time, even though I had only "IQ like a cactus".

God site that was taken care of

■ First Spring Boot (2015/8/28 material) └https://www.slideshare.net/shintanimoto/spring-boot10 → It's a little old, but this document is the easiest to understand, including the spirit of Spring Boot. The reason why it is better to develop using Spring Boot is described in a form that only sympathizes with those who have developed something even once.

■ What is AOP? Aspect Oriented Programming └https://qiita.com/ughirose/items/a7c66782f93cd1ae0d68 → A summary that gives a quick overview of annotations and AOP. For the time being, you can make a face like "Oh, I don't know, but I fully understand." I don't guarantee it.

■ How to install Spring Boot └https://www.lifestyle12345.com/2019/03/sts4-installation2.html → Actually, it's an introduction method for people who already have Eclipse. Manual installation is not recommended from SpringBoot4, so please use this!

■ A run-up book for getting started with Spring Boot (updated from time to time) └https://qiita.com/sugaryo/items/5695bfcc21365f429767 → The instructions on how to install Spring Boot and how to spit out characters on the screen are explained carefully. If you want to play with Apache Tomcat right now, please click here.

■ [spring boot 6] Let's create a login and user registration screen ④ └http://si.comp.ae.keio.ac.jp/web_app_dev_material/simple/dev_servlet/dev_servlet_login/index.html → As you can see, you can see how to make a login screen.

■ Spring Boot Explanation 18th (Basic: What is Controller) └https://qiita.com/TEBASAKI/items/267c261db17f178e33eb → The explanation about Spring Boot is carefully described. Above all, this page is recommended because it is well organized with regard to commonly used terms!


There are still a lot of things I haven't learned about Spring Boot, so I'd like to be able to summarize the rough form and what I could do and what kind of deliverables I made by this weekend.

I also want to read the Java code posted on Git etc., so if you have any recommendations, please let me know and I will be happy to cry.

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