[RUBY] Test GraphQL resolver with rspec


How do you guys write the graphql test? You can define a query and test it, but it's a bit annoying these days. Therefore, I will explain how to test the resolver defined in query or mutation with rspec.

Mutation example

For example, let's say you have defined the following mutation.


module Mutations
  class CreateUser < BaseMutation
    argument :id, ID, required: true
    field :user, ObjectTypes::UserType, null: false

    def resolve(id: nil)
      user = ::User.create!(id: id)
        user: user

It's simple, but it's a mutation that gets an id and creates a user. The target of this test is this resolve.

write rspce

Now I want to write rspec.


require 'rails_helper'

RSpec.describe CreateUser, type: :request do
  describe 'resolver' do
    it 'user has been created' do
      mutation = CreateUser.new(field: nil, object: nil, context:{})
      mutation.resolve(id: [User to create_id])
      expect(..).to eq ..

First, create an instance of the CreateUser class, which is a mutation class. I think that the argument field and object can basically be null. For context, you can also include current_user in some cases. In that case, it will be context: {current_user: User.first}.

It's convenient to be able to enter the context directly. Then, if you read the resolve method of the created mutation, the processing in the resolve defined on the test will be executed. This makes graphql testing a lot easier!

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