[Ruby] How to retrieve the contents of a double hash


I will summarize how to retrieve the double hash as a memorandum.


Ruby 2.6.5


For example, suppose you have a variable user_date with multiple hashes inside an array.

user_data = [
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'Taro'
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'Jiro'
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'Saburo'

To get the value of the hash, specify the key corresponding to that value.

hash[Key of the value to get]

In addition, when retrieving specific data from a double hash, specify the [Key of the value to be retrieved] continuously up to the data to be retrieved. Therefore. If you try to output only the names of all users, the description will be as follows.

user_data.each do |user|
  puts user[:user][:profile][:name]

that's all

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