Java and JavaScript

I like the story that Java and JavaScript are different from ○○ by △△, so I posted it (nth decoction)

I only put what I personally like. I will add it as soon as I can think of it.

About melon and melon bread are different

It's famous, but I don't think I can really feel the difference. India and Indonesia have similar feelings.

Grape and grapefruit are different

This is the one who has won the championship personally. The following points are good.

--Grapefruit is also grapefruit, just as JavaScript is in Java. --There are wordplay elements such as "Java script" and "Grape is fruit" -** I get angry if I ask for grapefruit and grapefruit juice comes out ** → It's easy to feel the difference and it can happen in real life

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are different

It seems that symmetry is well expressed, such as "Java is not VS, but it is better to have an integrated development environment, and VS Code is sufficient for JS."

Git and GitHub are different

On the contrary, it seems that Git and GitHub can be used to show that Java and JavaScript are as different (more?).

Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition are different

The Java version of the mod is Java, and the PE version of the mod is created in JavaScript, so it has just the right symmetry.

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