[RUBY] [Rails] How to put a crown mark on the ranking function

This time I would like to write how to put a crown mark on the ranking.


-Implementation of ranking function. I referred to the following article. Please note that the following articles are used for the view methods described below. https://qiita.com/mitsumitsu1128/items/18fa5e49a27e727f00b4 -Put Font-Awesome 6 ready for use.

Put a king mark


      <th class= "text-center">Ranking</th>
      <th class= "text-center">Note</th>
    <% @all_ranks.each.with_index(1) do |note, index| %>
        <td class="text-center">
          <% case index when 1 %>
            <i class="fas fa-crown" style='color: gold;'></i>
          <% when 2 %>
            <i class="fas fa-crown" style='color: silver;'></i>
          <% when 3 %>
            <i class="fas fa-crown" style='color: orange;'></i>
          <% else %>
            <%= index %>
          <% end %>
        <td class="text-center">
          <%= link_to user_note_path(note) do %>
            <%= note.name %>
          <% end %>
    <% end %>


<% case index when 1 %> This is a ruby ​​case statement. The "if" statement allows you to combine multiple conditional expressions to perform complex branching, but if you want to find a match among multiple candidates for one value, use the "case" statement. It is convenient to use. An example is as follows.

case Target object
when value 1
What to do if it matches the value 1
when value 2
What to do if it matches the value 2
when value 3
What to do if it matches the value 3
What to do if none of the values ​​match

By using .with_index (1), the numbers are output in order from 1, so on the other hand, in the case statement like 1 for gold crown, 2 for silver crown, 3 for copper crown. We are implementing it.

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