[JAVA] I want to give a class name to the select attribute

I stumbled on the select box while creating an application with rails, so I will keep it as a record.

The environment is as follows. ruby 2.6.5 Ruby on Rails 6.0.3.

What you want to do

Originally, the select box for business hours has already been implemented. Add a button that is open 24 hours a day + I want to make sure that '00' is entered in all select boxes when the button is clicked using Javascript. (The image below) f1d0dc39dd28504edcd3be06647cbad1.png 95f4366f509951f98ab68ff151686fa3.png

Stumble point

Class name is not given to select attribute! I was thinking of proceeding in the following order, but my nose was brilliantly crushed.

  1. Give the same class name to the corresponding select attribute
  2. Get all the elements with the target class name in Javascript
  3. Change the value of the field obtained by the forEach function to '00'

For the time being, I rewrote it with the following code to give a class name. (Write class: "opening-hour" at the end of {})

<%= f.time_select :open_time, {prompt: true, ignore_date: true, minute_step: 15, class: "opening-hour"} %> 〜
<%= f.time_select :close_time, {prompt: true, ignore_date: true, minute_step: 15, class: "opening-hour"} %>

After reloading and checking with the verification tool ... c0feeff4834008d06bcb50ce6cfb9a04.png

The class name was not given.


Helper options and html options need to be written separately.

I referred to the following blog article. How to use date_select [Rails]

time_field reference, Helper options and HTML attributes are listed respectively. The two had to be separated rather than put in the same {}. By rewriting my code as follows, the class name was successfully assigned!

<%= f.time_select :open_time, {prompt: true, ignore_date: true, minute_step: 15}, {class: "opening-hour"} %> 〜
<%= f.time_select :close_time, {prompt: true, ignore_date: true, minute_step: 15}, {class: "opening-hour"} %>


Since the class name was given, after that, I was able to carry out the implementation I thought was safe by doing 2.3 in the order!

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