What is Java technology?

5/11 fix I will write articles about Java functions and development environment construction separately.


This article is a memorandum that describes your understanding of what Java is, for those who are wondering what language to choose.

Java technology


It seems easy to understand that you have summarized it with the above link, so I will describe my understanding while referring to that.

I think Java technology is a summary of what a programming language called Java is and what happens when you use Java. I won't list all of the above links, but here are the ones that I find particularly important.

Java features

Being an object-oriented language

Object-oriented, which is still mainstream at this time Easy to rewrite programs in common processing (When you want to rewrite the common process in Examples 1, 2 and 3, write it in the parents of 1, 2 and 3 and rewrite the parent to save the trouble of writing the code of the common process)

High portability Java can be used on almost any OS once it is installed, so you can use it immediately when copying the environment. (Example: I created and compiled it on Linux, but when I want to work on Windows, if Java is installed on both, I can execute it just by copying it. In C language and Visual Basic, it is for that OS Cannot be used on another OS because it is compiled into

I think these two points are the most important points.

As mentioned a bit above, Java is also a compiler (compile) language. Compiling is roughly making the code into computer-readable text.

About the environment

The environment is also summarized in technology, so I will describe it here.

There are two Java operating environments in a nutshell. JVM (Java virtual machine Java runs in this. It can be used in another OS because it is common here) API (a collection of various functions (a school teacher used to compare it to a lunch box))

I'm aware of technology like this.

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