Renamed folders in AWS S3 (Java)

I want to rename a folder on AWS S3

In the first place, AWS S3 does not have the concept of folders, so the name "folder" is inappropriate. (In this case, is it more appropriate to call it a "key"?)

For the time being, it is called a "folder" for convenience.

AWS S3 cannot rename a folder once created

You might think that you can't do it suddenly, but you can't. You can't change it from the Management Console.

Nande? I thought, I looked down for the time being and understood. That's right. It's just a key-value type data store ...

"Destroy the illusion of a" folder "in Amazon S3 and reveal its substance."

Create new folder → copy contents → delete original folder

It will be possible with the following. It's the same procedure as the rename command in Unix / Linux.

public void changeFolderName(String bucketName, String oldPrefix, String newPrefix){
    AmazonS3 s3 = new AmazonS3Client(new ClasspathPropertiesFileCredentialsProvider());
    ObjectListing listing = s3.listObjects(bucketName, oldPrefix);

    for (S3ObjectSummary summary: listing.getObjectSummaries()) {
      String oldKey = summary.getKey();
      String newKey = new StringBuilder().append(newPrefix).append(oldKey.substring(oldPrefix.length())).toString();
      s3.copyObject(bucketName, oldKey, bucketName, newKey);
      s3.deleteObject(bucketName, oldKey);

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