[Java] Functional interface

What is a functional interface?

Interface with only one abstract method (static and default methods are ignored)

◆Functio<T,R>### -Convert the value of the received argument -T = method argument type, R = method return type -The abstract method is R apply (T t)

Function<Integer,String> func = f -> f + "become";
String s =  func.apply(1);
System.out.println(s); //Become 1

◆Consumer<T> -Process using the received argument (no return value) -T = method argument type -Abstract method accept (T t)

Consumer<String> dog = e -> System.out.println("hello," + e);
dog.accept("Shiba inu");//hello,Shiba inu

If you write without using a lambda expression, it will be as follows

Consumer<String> dog = new Consumer<String>() {
	public void accept(String name) {
				System.out.println("hello," + name);//hello,Shiba inu

◆Predicate<T> -Judge with the received argument and return Boolean -T = method argument type ・ Abstract method is test (T)

Predicate<String> result = c -> {return c.equals("dog");}; 
boolean animal = result.test("cat");

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