[JAVA] How to not start Flyway when running unit tests in Spring Boot


I'm using SpringBoot and Flyway in my current project, At the time of test execution (./gradlew test because Gradle is used in this project), There was a phenomenon that Migrate of Flyway ran. It will be one of the solutions at that time.

What kind of solution did you do

It may be obvious to those who know it, SpringBoot changes the priority of the configuration file when the test is executed. Specifically, assuming that the configuration is as follows

 ├── build.gradle
 ├── gradlew
 └── src
     ├── main
     │   ├── com
     │   │    └── ...
     │   └── resources
     │       └── application.yml
     └── test
         ├── com
         │    └── ...
         └── resources
             └── application.yml

If you execute it with a jar file etc., it will read src/main/resources/application.yml, but When the test is executed, it reads src/test/resources/application.yml.

Please refer to the following article for more details on this area. Spring Boot --Change DB to read during test

Using the above characteristics, in the setting file (setting file at the time of testing) on ​​the src/test/resources/application.yml side, Added the following description to disable Flyway.

    enabled: false


It's nothing for those who know it, but for those who don't know it, it's a bit of a addictive point. Therefore, I wrote the article as a memorandum.

It ’s short, but that ’s it. Thank you very much.

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