I tried using JWT in Java


Make a note of the introduction of JWT using the Java library.

What is JWT

--The abbreviation for Web Token is "URL Safe Token including JSON that can be signed". --JWT is composed of Header, Payload, and Signature, and Header and Payload are Base64-encoded information of Json, so it seems better not to put anything that you do not want to disclose to the outside, such as user information and password. --Since it is signed, you can check it at the time of verification even if you tamper with the Json part.

Token example

――The whole token looks like this


--Header part


--When you decode the Header


--Payload part


--When you decode Payload


I actually wrote it in Java

--Environment - java8 --java-jwt (java library that handles jwt that is also published on jwt.io) --This time, I made a JWT with Issuer and Expire Time and confirmed the operation. --The algorithm uses HS256 --Token generation

try {
    Date expireTime = new Date();
    expireTime.setTime(expireTime.getTime() + 600000l);

    Algorithm algorithm = Algorithm.HMAC256("secret");
    String token = JWT.create()
} catch (JWTCreationException exception){
    //Invalid Signing configuration / Couldn't convert Claims.

--Token verification

String token = "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJhdXRoMCJ9.izVguZPRsBQ5Rqw6dhMvcIwy8_9lQnrO3vpxGwPCuzs";
try {
    Algorithm algorithm = Algorithm.HMAC256("secret");
    JWTVerifier verifier = JWT.require(algorithm)
            .build(); //Reusable verifier instance
    DecodedJWT jwt = verifier.verify(token);
} catch (JWTVerificationException exception){
    //Invalid signature/claims

Feeling used

--If you borrow the code written on the official page of java-jwt, you can easily check the operation. --When the Json part (Header and Payload part) is tampered with, JWTVerificationException is thrown and checked.

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