[JAVA] Implement search function with Rakuten Books (DVD) API


We are currently developing a movie search service and have implemented asynchronous communication using rails and ajax. After a few days of addiction, I've finally implemented it, so I'll keep a record of it. I touched jquery a little when I made movements such as hamburger buttons, but it was my first time to touch Ajax and I got stuck for a few days. (There was also a relationship that the code was not reflected because the server was not restarted.)


-rails ( -ruby (2.5.3)

__ If you want to implement Rakuten API__ (in case of Rails), please install gem. The mounting procedure is omitted. For more information, click here __](https://github.com/rakuten-ws/rws-ruby-sdk/blob/master/README.ja.md)

Controller processing specification

First of all, specify the action in posts_contriller to process the contents entered in the search field.


get 'search', to: 'posts#search' #Execute search action when searching for a keyword

Search, view of search result display

Search form


 <div class='content'>
  <div id="search-box">
    #url: search_GET search action with path
    <%= form_with(url: search_path, method: :get) do |f| %> 
      <%= f.text_area :title, id: :title, placeholder: "Type in the keyword", style: "width: 200px;"%> #:Search word is hit in title
      <%= f.submit "Search", id: "search_button"%> #Searchワード記入ご自動SearchかSearchボタン後にSearchどちらでも
  <h2>search results</h2>
  <div id='item_list'> 
    #You can return the render partial with, but after ajax processing item_list.html.I am trying to display erb.

Search result view


<% items.each do |item| %>
  <% if item[:title].present? %>
    <div class="item">
      <div class= "item-image">
        <%= image_tag(item[:imageUrl], width: '55px') %>
      <div class= "item-title">
        <p><%= item[:title] %></p>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

search action


class PostsController < ApplicationController
  def search
    contents = render_to_string(partial: 'posts/item_list.html.erb', locals:{items: search_by_rakuten(params[:title])})
    #returns contents to json
    render json: {contents: contents} #If you don't hash it, it won't read


   def search_by_rakuten(title)
    items = [] #When the method is called[]Leave empty
    if title.present?
      results = RakutenWebService::Books::DVD.search(
        title: title, #Search field keywords
        booksGenreId: '003', #Movie DVD genre designation
        hits: 10 #Get only 10 hit information
        #Get information by specifying conditions
      results.each do |result|
         #Hash the acquired information and enter a value in the key
        item = {
          title: result['title'],
          url: result['itemUrl'],
          imageUrl: result['smallImageUrl'].gsub('?_ex=64x64', '')
        }#Put the hashed data in an array
        items << item



  funtion search(title){
        url: "/search",
        type: "GET", //Access search action with get
        dataType: "json",
        async: true,
        data: { title: title }, //Specifying search parameters(:title)
      }).done(function (data) {
        $("#item_list").css("display", "");
        $("#item_list").html(data.contents); //render json:{contents: contents}Content display of

The search function is now implemented.

At the end

With the above, the search function can be implemented and the searched information can be obtained. It took 4 or 5 days just to implement this feature. It made me realize that my json, ajax, and ruby lacked knowledge, but I was able to realize the awesomeness of disagreement communication. We will continue development.

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