[JAVA] How to bind to property file in Spring Boot

In Spring Boot, we have summarized the binding method with the property file.

Single item banting

Bind the following properties to Java fields.



First, create a context class by specifying the playfix with @ConfigurationProperties for each playfix (foo, bar).

public class FooContext {
	private int intervel;
	public int getIntervel() {
		return intervel;

	public void setIntervel(int intervel) {
		this.intervel = intervel;
public class BarContext {
	private int intervel = 10; //Default value can be specified here
	public int getIntervel() {
		return intervel;

	public void setIntervel(int intervel) {
		this.intervel = intervel;

After that, you can register the context class in DI.

public class PropertiesConfiguration {
	public FooContext fooConfig() {
		return new FooContext();

	public BarContext barConfig() {
		return new BarContext();

Get the property value with the following feeling.

	private FooContext fooContext;

	private BarContext barContext;
	public void test {
		int fooIntervel = fooContext.getIntervel();
		int barIntervel = barContext.getIntervel();

In the case of camel case, you can connect words with hyphens or leave camel as it is.

public class FooContext {
	private int itemName;
	// getter & setter





Binding with Collection type

For lists and arrays, bind to properties with the following feeling:

public class FooContext {
	private List<String> items;    //or private String[] items;

	// getter & setter



You can also write them separated by commas.



Binding with Map type

In the case of Map type, bind to the property with the following feeling.

public class FooContext {
	private Map<String, String> itemMap;
	// getter & setter



Nested object binding

In the case of a nested object, bind it to the property with the following feeling.

public class FooContext {
	private Product product;	
	// getter & setter
public class Product {
	private String productId;
	private String productName;
	// getter & setter



The same applies to list + nesting.

public class FooContext {
	private List<Product> products;	
	// getter & setter



Binding to multiple property files in classpath

When specifying multiple property files in the classpath, use @PropertySources.

public class DemoApplication {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		SpringApplication.run(DemoApplication.class, args);

External property binding

When using an external property file, specify the file path on the start command line.

java -jar demo.jar --spring.config.location="file:/tmp/properties/application.properties"

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