[JAVA] Using Amateurs UML in Eclipse


When using Eclipse for the first time in a long time, I forgot how to install Amateurs UML, which automatically generates UML diagrams before, and I investigated various things, but there was a point I was addicted to, so I left it. I would like.

Settings on the Eclipse side

-- Help-> Install New Software in the top bar --Type http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna as the work target and specify GEF as the filter. --Select and install the graphical editing framework GEF SDK install

Follow the steps below to complete the installation and restart.

Install Amateras UML

Download AmateursUML_1.3.4.zip from Official Homepage and unzip it. Then, the following three jar files are included.


these /Applications/Eclipse_{version}.app/Contents/Eclipse/dropins/AmaterasModeler/eclipse/plugins Copy to. However, in my case, the following files were included in this directory in advance.


Since the files related to `ʻumleditor`` are the same and the version is higher, I thought that AmateursUML could be used originally, so I tried to create a UML diagram before copying. However, although I was able to create the cld file, the reflection of the java file in D & D did not work.

Therefore, I overwrote only the files related to `ʻumleditor``. (I think it's better to back up. If anyone knows this difference, please let me know.) Then, I was able to successfully create the cld file by D & D of the java file.

How to create a UML diagram

To create a UML diagram, create a cld file with New-> Other-> AmaterasUML-> Class diagram in the directory or package you want to create, and then move any java file to the cld file window. D & D will automatically generate a class diagram. If you select multiple java files and D & D, you can understand the delegation relationship. It's convenient.

at the end

I got a little stuck in putting the unzipped jar file in / Applications / Eclipse_ {version} .app / Contents / Eclipse / drops written on some sites. I haven't checked when the ʻAmaterasModeler directory was, so it may be for those who have installed the latest version of Eclipse. In that case, you may need to be careful because the UML diagram could not be generated correctly unless you replaced it with the original jar file in the `ʻAmaterasModeler directory``. I haven't written a UML diagram for a long time, so I would like to review it with reference to Amateurs UML.

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