[RUBY] First pagination feature added in rails

First pagination feature added in rails

Referenced article (https://qiita.com/residenti/items/1ae1e5ceb59c0729c0b9)

What is pagination?

It is to read the information by dividing the lengthened content into multiple pages. For example, google search results.

First gem install

It is implemented using a gem called kaminari.


gem'kaminari', '~> 0.17.0'

In rails5 series, it seems that it will not work unless the version of kaminari is specified as above. bundle install.




@topics=Topic.all Has been changed as above. Use the per method to determine how many items are displayed on one page.



 <% @topics.each do |a| %>
problem:<%=a.question %><br><br>
              1:<%=a.choice1 %><br>
              2:<%=a.choice2 %><br>
              3:<%=a.choice3 %><br>
              4:<%=a.choice4 %><br>
 <% end %>

<%= paginate @topics %>

Just write <% = paginate @topics%>. This completes the addition of the pagination function.

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