Docker execution memo summarized for myself

Reasons to write an article

I installed Docker on Windows Home, but after a month without touching it, I forgot various things, so I will write it as a memo. You will forget what you have studied unless you output it many times.

Environment etc.

Reference document

-** MSDN Tutorial: NET Core App Containerization ** This MSDN describes everything from creating a Docker file to executing images and containers. If you get lost in the basics, please see this article.

How to use Docker locally

  1. Run Docker Quickstart Terminal
  2. Check the saved image with docker images
  3. Create and start a container for the image specified by docker run {image name or id} The run command is a command that creates and starts.
  4. Stop with docker stop {container name or id}
  5. If you run the counter app created in the reference document, you can check the current count with docker attach {container name or id}.
  6. Delete the container specified by docker rm {container id or name}
  7. You can check the list of registered containers with docker ps -a. (If there is no -a option, only the one that is running is displayed)

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