I want to get the field name of the [Java] field. (Old tale tone)

Once upon a time, there were the following fields in one place.

public class Xxx {
	public String xxx1;
	public String xxx2;
	public String xxx3;
	public String xxx4;
	public String xxx5;
	public String xxx6;
	public String xxx7;
	public String xxx8;
	public String xxx9;
	public String xxx10;

And there was the following List.

List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

Someone said. "I want you to loop through the list and set the fields in order from 1."

Developer A has implemented the following.

Xxx x = new Xxx();
int idx = 0;
x.xxx1  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx2  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx3  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx4  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx5  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx6  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx7  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx8  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx9  = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;
x.xxx10 = (idx < list.size()) ? list.get(idx) : null;

Developer B has implemented the following.

Xxx x = new Xxx();
for (int idx = 0; idx < list.size(); idx++) {
	x.getClass().getField("xxx" + (idx + 1)).set(x, list.get(idx));

that's all.

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