[RUBY] I learned about the existence of a gemspec file

[Caution] I didn't take the time to investigate, scrutinize, and confirm this article, so please read it in half.

Difference between Gemfile and xxx.gemspec

--Files used to manage the library

――The difference between these is --Rewrite Gemfile and my_rubygem.gemspec by yourself --Rails dependency library management edits Gemfile -** Edit my_rubygem.gemspec for gem dependency library management ** --Gemfile.lock can be rewritten by $ bundle install

gemspec file example

These are included in the files created by bundle gem my_ruby gem.


Of these, rewrite as follows


module MyRubygem
  VERSION = "0.20.0"


require "my_rubygem/version"

Gem::Specification.new do |spec|
  spec.name          = "MyRubygem"
  spec.version       = MyRubygem::VERSION
  spec.authors       = ["John Lennon"]
  spec.email         = ["[email protected]"]




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