[RUBY] I want to transition to the same screen in the saved state


1. Conclusion </ b>

2. How did you code it? </ B>

3. Development environment </ b>

Supplement </ b>

  1. Conclusion

Code redirect_to "/XXXX/#{@@@@@.XXXX.id}" </ b>!

  1. How you coded

  def create
    @comment = Comment.new(comment_params)
    if @comment.valid?
      redirect_to "/reports/#{@comment.report.id}"

It is an application that allows you to add comments to a post called report. At that time, you can return to the first screen as root after adding comments to the report post. However, I wanted to return to the screen for posting comments, including checking if there are any comments left, so I coded like this.

  1. Development environment

Mac catalina 10.15.4 Vscode Ruby 2.6.5 Rails


redirect_to report_path(id: current_user)
#Use devise gem.

However, no error will occur, but since it is current_user, if you register it first, it will be / reports / 1, and it will be returned to the first report, which is different from the report posted second, so be careful. Is required.

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