[JAVA] Impressions of an engineer apprentice going to JJUG CCC 2018 Spring

My specs

――I worked as a foreign-affiliated infrastructure project manager for two years at a Japanese IT company that joined the company as a new graduate. ――The experience of Java is as much as making a simple calculator in the training at the time of joining the company (about one week?) ――There are various things (retirement) and I have been unemployed for 2 years.

Purpose of participation

After all I want to be an engineer, so About Java, one of the most used languages in the world and Japan I participated because I wanted to know the atmosphere of the conference and feel it.

Mainly impressions and contents

The outline and timetable of the conference are summarized in ↓


PS: Click here for slides

I have summarized the impressions of the session that left an impression.

Recommendations for Java community events for the average person

Speaker: Takaaki Sugiyama w / Mr. Terada

It was a session for beginners such as those who participated in JJUG CCC for the first time.

――Anyway, “Do n’t be shy” ――At the conference, you can hear the latest information that is not in the book --Let's ask a question! --Let's participate in the social gathering! --Let's output! --Let's take the stage! ――You can participate as a volunteer staff member of the conference! -Introduction of JOnsen ――A meeting to discuss Java while staying overnight while enjoying hot springs and alcohol in Japan. --One of the rules at JOnsen, all statements made on the spot are accepted. ――It's basic English and the skill is high level, but I'm really interested ... It looks fun!

Mr. Terada "The young people here are our treasure." It was impressive that you said that.

I was glad that I was very welcomed. I thought it was a warm community!

Introduction to Docker for Java Engineers-Virtual Development / Test Environment Construction-

Speaker: Abe Asami

――Docker is a platform that uses container technology. ――The container is easy to use and is basically disposable. Save important data on the host side. ――Various Dockerfiles are published on DockerHub, so you can study by looking at the contents. ――It is recommended to start from your own development environment! -The example of Frozen fried rice is interesting and easy to understand.

It was easy for me, who doesn't understand the technology, to understand it, and I was very grateful for it. The memory of the virtualization technology I studied about four years ago was useful. And let's try Docker. What do you use it for?


--Java 10 and future story --Example of a system that has migrated to Kubernetes (an open source platform that automates the operation of Linux containers) --DDD (Domain Driven Development, a method for customers and developers to understand their business and develop the system while using common language)

And. From the atmosphere of the venue, I could feel that this is a hot topic.


The male-female ratio was about 9: 1.

Men seemed to be older, and I think that many of them had a solid atmosphere such as shirts and polo shirts.

I wonder if there were many women who were casual in the office.

There weren't many participants in T-shirts and jeans like me (laughs)


It was fun to know a lot of things I didn't know.

Even if I tried to find out, I couldn't find out by myself.

I thought it would be good to put myself in such a place and forcibly push my motivation switch.

Speakers, staff, people who spoke during the lunch session,

I'm really thankful to you! !! I will go again! !!

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