[JAVA] What is a Servlet?

Summary because I don't understand Jakarta

I hear about Servlet, but I don't understand it, so I will summarize it. I don't understand the difference between jboss and tomcat containers, so I will summarize them.

What is a Servlet?

It runs on a web server (on the background). java program. Since it is a java program, an execution environment is required. That is the Servlet container. It also receives http in the Servlet content and operates the Servlet. ⚠️ This is communication such as get, post, etc. ⚠️ HTTP stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol" http communication is performed regardless of java. (php etc.) In case of java Inherit the httpRequest class to get and use http Servlet.

What is a Servlet container?

Execution environment for running java Servlet

As an example

Apache Tomcat、JBoss Application Server、Apache Geronimo、Webspehere、Jetty

What is Apache

The official name is (apache http server) This is an http server. That is, it is not a java Servlet container.


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