ruby memorandum (basic edition)

1.First of all

It is a memorandum for myself. It seems to look back when I forget it, and I plan to add it as needed.

2. Memorandum main subject

2.1 There are types in Ruby, and typical ones are string type (String) and integer type (Integer).

If the types are not unified, an error will occur.

to_s method… Convert from integer type to string type Example) puts "Sam's age is" + 27.to_s + ""

to_i method… Convert from character string type to integer type) Example) puts 100 + "200" .to_i

2.2 Method of string type object

puts "***".length(String length)
puts "***".reverse
puts "********".include?("***")(Is it included)

2.3 Added code for variable expansion

puts "#{name}Weight#{weight}kg"← Example

Variable expansion works only when enclosed in double quotes, When enclosed in single quotation marks, it is recognized as a character string rather than a variable.

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