Represents "next day" and "previous day" in Java / Android

From Android doc:

Consider a GregorianCalendar originally set to August 31, 1999. Calling add(Calendar.MONTH, 13) sets the calendar to September 30, 2000.

(Suppose you have a calendar set to August 31, 1999, so calling add (Calendar.MONTH, 13); will set that calendar to September 30, 2000.)

In other words Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance (); // Suppose this is set to 2017/5/31. calendar.add (Calendar.DATE, 1); // Since there is no date of 2017/5/32, it is automatically set to 2017/06/01. In the case of "yesterday" calendar.add (Calendar.DATE, -1); // Minus is subtraction

It can be expressed by intuitive addition and subtraction like this.

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