Laravel environment construction (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

1. Install PHP 7.4



$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt -y install software-properties-common
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php
$ sudo apt-get update

You can now use apt with a repository where you can install PHP 7.4.



$ sudo apt install php7.4 php7.4-mbstring php7.4-dom

Install other necessary items as well.

Check if it was installed


$ php -v
PHP 7.4.12 (cli) (built: Oct 31 2020 17:04:09) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies
    with Zend OPcache v7.4.12, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies

If this happens, it's OK!

2. Install Comporser

In order to install Laravel, you also need to install Composer. Composer is PHP's package management tool, and it seems that you can manage packages efficiently by using Composer.


php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
php -r "if (hash_file('sha384', 'composer-setup.php') === '756890a4488ce9024fc62c56153228907f1545c228516cbf63f885e036d37e9a59d27d63f46af1d4d07ee0f76181c7d3') { echo 'Installer verified'; } else { echo 'Installer corrupt'; unlink('composer-setup.php'); } echo PHP_EOL;"
php composer-setup.php
php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');"

Use the command on the official website (



$ ./composer.phar -V
Composer version 1.10.1 2020-03-13 20:34:27

This is OK

Make Composer available at all times


$ sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/composer
$ composer -v
  / ____/___  ____ ___  ____  ____  ________  _____
 / /   / __ \/ __ `__ \/ __ \/ __ \/ ___/ _ \/ ___/
/ /___/ /_/ / / / / / / /_/ / /_/ (__  )  __/ /
\____/\____/_/ /_/ /_/ .___/\____/____/\___/_/
Composer version 2.0.7 2020-11-13 17:31:06

Omitted below.

Install the zip command


$ sudo apt install -y zip unzip

Install the zip command because the unzip command is required when installing Laravel.

Install Laravel 6.x


$composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel="6.*" laravel6

When you execute the following, a folder called laravel6 will be created under the execution folder, and the files required for Laravel will be saved in that folder.

You can use any name you like for laravel6

Start the server and check


$ cd laravel6
$ php artisan serve

SharedScreenshot.jpg If you access this screen and this screen appears, it's OK!

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