[RUBY] Implement login function simply with name and password in Rails (3)

Last time continued


Although the login function was available up to the last time, there remains a defect that it is not possible to know which user is logged in in the current state, and the list page can be accessed without logging in. Deal with it


--current_room method. Add a helper method to show the currently logged in user


  #If there is a logged-in user, substitute the user
  def current_room
    if session[:room_id]
      @current_room ||= Room.find_by(id: session[:room_id])

--This time, there is nothing in common on the pages, so it is unnecessary, but if necessary, define a helper method to determine whether you are logged in.


  #Determine if you are logged in
  def logged_in?

--Write the logout method in two places.


  def log_out
    @current_room = nil


  def destroy
    redirect_to login_path

--After that, add a link for displaying the logged-in user and logging out as shown below.

Login controlled page

 <div class="header-title">
    <div class="header-title">Reception list: 
    <%= current_room.name %>
    <%= link_to "Logout", logout_path, method: :delete %>

--Lastly, I want to control login before accessing the list screen, so define it in the private method.


class ReceptionsController < ApplicationController
  before_action :logged_in_room, only: [:index]
    def logged_in_room
      unless logged_in?
        flash[:alert] = "login is needed"
        redirect_to login_path

This completes the login function to the list page, although it is easy.

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