I want to hit the API with Rails on multiple docker-composes set up locally

Completion image diagram



Launch a separate Rails App with docker-compose. Here, only the settings in docker-compose are written.

What you want to do

I want to make API communication between Rails apps launched locally with different docker-compose. e.g. I want to hit the Rails App2 API of the image diagram from Rails App1

Error when trying to communicate without doing anything

I'll leave it so that you can get to this memo from the keywords.

Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - connect(2)


  1. Create a common network
  2. Common network settings for services in each docker-compose.yml
  3. Check if the request arrives
  4. Completion


--docker network create --driver bridge common_link --docker network ls (confirm the created network) --Define networks: in the services hierarchy of docker-compose.yml for Rails App1 and Rails App2


    external: true

--Define networks in each container setting location of Rails App1, DB1, Rails App2, DB2

      - common_link
      - common_link

--Modified docker-compose.yml to avoid overlapping MySQL port of docker-compose2 with 3306

      - ""

--If there is a setting to bind MySQL in Rails App2 of docker-compose2, change the port value as well.

      DATABASE_URL: mysql2://root:[email protected]:3307

--Specify port in MySQL config of docker-compose2 e.g. /Dockerfiles/mysql/conf.d/mysql.cnf


--Start both docker-compose1 and docker-compose2 --docker network inspect common_link (Confirmation that a total of 4 containers of Rails App1, DB1, Rails App2, DB2 belong to the same network)

e.g. Containers image (8) (1).png

--If it doesn't seem to be a problem, try ping, curl, or hit the API.

  1. docker-compose exec rails_app1 bash
  2. ping # If the IP ( confirmed in the above temporary image is set to rails_app2
  3. curl

Please let me know if there are other good settings.



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