[Solution] Java cannot be installed on Windows 10 + ATOK 2017

Is it good to write on Qiita? I was surprised, so I wrote it.



Run jre-8u271-windows-x64.exe downloaded in image.png

When you press "Install", the dialog disappears and ends.

eh? ?? I thought, and when I researched various things, I found such a site.

** JRE cannot be installed. I was able to avoid it by changing from ATOK to MS-IME. **

No, no, no! I think and try.

Double-click the installer and switch IM with "Windows + Space" when the above dialog is displayed. (I tried Google input) (* The state of IM seems to switch for each window, so even if IME is switched on Explorer, it may return to ATOK during the above dialog. Or it has returned. So, Windows with the dialog displayed Press + Space to switch)

Then, the processing of the dialog that had disappeared earlier continued, and the installation was in progress.


After that, the installation completion was displayed, and Java was entered in the Windows menu, so the installation was completed.



No way, in this era of Reiwa, Java installation is caught by ATOK. ..

(A long time ago) At Nifty's forum, I laughed bitterly when I remembered Mr. V who was slamming to Mac users just because he was using ATOK (around KanjiTalk and Mac OS 8-9).

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