[JAVA] Open multiple workspaces in Eclipse on Mac

Thing you want to do

I want to open multiple Eclipse on my mac.

Personally, I want to divide the workspace for each work, so I tried and errored what I couldn't do. It turns out that it is surprisingly easy to do.

It may not be in great demand, but for those who are addicted to the same place.


open -n /Applications/Eclipse.app

╩╗The open` command has an option to "open in another instance".

$> man open
-n  Open a new instance of the application(s) even if one is already running.

There is no problem with always adding the -n option, so if you register an alias, you can start it from the terminal.

alias eclipse='open -n /Applications/Eclipse.app'

Confirmation environment

macOS 10.14.2

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