[JAVA] The story of making Dr. Oakid using LINE BOT


I was thinking of creating something using LINE's Messaging API, When I heard that my friend was addicted to Pokemon, I decided to search for Pokemon, get Pokemon at random, and create something like playing against other users with total race value.

The created BOT can be added from the URL below. Please try! lin.ee/zmHQYl6


What you can do

Completed form

Great feature

The feature called ** FlexMessage ** was great. (Function used to display the search results this time) The layout can be easily created with FLEX MESSAGE SIMULATOR, so you can easily create a layout like that.


Regarding the creation of LINE BOT using the Messaging API, there was no particular clogging because the official LINE documentation is extensive. It's easy to do, so please give it a try.

Referenced site

Messaging API Reference

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