[RUBY] Method definition location Summary of how to check When defined in the project and Rails / Gem


When I joined a new project, I had a lot of trouble finding out where it was defined, full of methods. In order to catch up quickly, I felt that "the ability to quickly investigate and understand" was very important, so I asked senior engineers to summarize it. There are advantages and disadvantages to checking.

For methods defined in the project

1. git grep -n <method name>

2. Enter in the search window of Github with a browser and search for "in this repository"

3. Use the show-source function of pry-docs

4. Use Pry's "step" feature

Pikawaka [Rails] Pry is thoroughly explained!

When defined outside the project such as Gem

1. Search by Dash

2. bundle show <gem name>

3. Use Pry's "step" feature

4. Enter in the search window of Github with a browser and search for "in this repository"


1. Use the Rubymine definition source jump

2. Use Solargraph, an extension of VS Code


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