[RUBY] Find the difference from a multiple of 10

What I've been working on right now It was to enter a positive integer and output True if it was less than or equal to a multiple of 10 and False otherwise.

Below is my answer.

def near_ten(num)
  basis = (num + 5) / 10 * 10
  difference = (num - basis).abs
  if difference <= 2
    puts "True"
    puts "False"

First, let basis be the multiple of 10 that is closest to num.

The second line calculates the numbers suitable for basis.

  basis = (num + 5) / 10 * 10

As an example, if it is an integer from 15 to 24, the nearest multiple of 10 is 20, so I want to use 20 as a reference. Add 5 to each of these integers to get 20-29. These integers have 2 in the tens place, so if you do / 10 * 10 respectively, 20 will come out, which is the number you want to use as a reference.

Other integers work just as well.

This completes the basis part.

Next, the difference between the original number and this standard is calculated.

num - basis

Since the difference may be negative as it is, we use a method that gives an absolute value.

(num - basis).abs

Then substitute this

difference = (num - basis).abs

If the difference difference obtained in this way is 2 or less, it is sufficient, so it is judged and the process ends.

  if difference <= 2
    puts "True"
    puts "False"

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