[RUBY] A memorandum about table data types and commands (Rails)


When creating a table, what was the data type in this case? What was the command? I decided to summarize it because there are times when I re-examine it.

Data type

Data type type
integer Numerical value (integer)
decimal Numerical value (highly accurate decimal number)
float Numerical value (floating point number)
string Character (short string)
text Character (long string
date date
datetime Date and time
time Times of Day
timestamp Time stamp
binary binary
boolean Authenticity

Commands used when creating tables and columns

When making tables and columns

$rails g model model name column name:Data type

** Usage example **: When you want to create a user model and columns for name and self-introduction

$ rails g model User name:string introduction:text

Delete table

$rails d model model name

Example of use

$ rails d model User

Command to add / remove columns to existing table

Add column

$rails g migration Add Column name To Table name Column name:Model name

** Usage example **: When you want to add a title column to the User table

$ rails g migration AddTitleToUsers title:string

Delete column

$rails g migration Remove Column name From table name Column name:Model name

** Usage example **: When you want to delete the title column in the User table

$ rails g migration RemoveTitleFromUsers title:string

Migration execution

Execute the db: migrate command to reflect it in the DB when it can be created, changed, or deleted.

$ rails db:migrate

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