[JAVA] Memorandum Poem (updated from time to time)


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About Speedment internally calling JDBC Driver directly with Class # forName (String).

[PostgresqlDbmsType # getDriverName ()](https://github.com/speedment/speedment/blob/master/runtime-parent/runtime-core/src/main/java/com/speedment/runtime/core/internal/db /postgresql/PostgresqlDbmsType.java) [Called by AbstractDbmsType # isSupported ()](https://github.com/speedment/speedment/blob/master/runtime-parent/runtime-core/src/main/java/com/speedment/runtime/core/ internal / db / AbstractDbmsType.java) Well, it doesn't return the result, so it's just like starting the registration process of DriverManager # registeredDrivers.


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2017/07/31 javax.crypto.Cipher Cipher (Java Platform SE8) It is a framework core for transparently performing encryption and compound processing. Basically, get the encryption / composite result with Cipher # doFinal (byte []). Cipher # doFinal (byte [], int, int, byte [], int) outputs the encryption / composite result of argument 1 to argument 5 or later of argument 4. At this time, since the API allows argument 1 and argument 4 to be the same reference, it is useful for saving memory space. Also, when handling continuous data, it is necessary to use Cipher # update (byte []) etc. in the same way, but it is necessary to call Cipher # doFinal () etc. at the final stage.

javax.crypto.CipherInputStream / javax.crypto.CipherOutputStream CipherInputStream (Java Platform SE8) CipherOutputStream (Java Platform SE8) I / O Stream class using the above Cipher, this is easy when stream processing is required or the data size is large. If you want to process data that exceeds the file system limit, you need to think about it anyway.

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