List of alternative distributions for CentOS

I tried to list the distributions that are likely to be the destinations to switch from CentOS

Compatible with RHEL/CentOS

Oracle Linux

For the time being, it is the most realistic candidate that can be used today. If you just download and use it, you can use it for free for now

Springdale Linux

Academic distribution maintained by Princeton University and others


OS provided by HP for HPE ProLiant servers Based on CentOS or RHEL

Rocky Linux

A distribution announced by a former CentOS developer following a change in CentOS policy I haven't made anything yet, but a strong candidate who is likely to become a favorite in the future

AlmaLinux (Project Lenix)

The developer of CloudLinux (, a distribution for hosters derived from CentOS, launched with the aim of succeeding CentOS. As with Rocky Linux, the distribution is not yet complete

Not compatible with RHEL/CentOS

After all, it depends on Redhat's trends, as long as it's Redhat compatible and free to use. CentOS has also come in a variety of instability so far, and in the end it ended up defeating its original purpose. It may be good to leave the RHEL system around here

Debian Linux

Needless to say, a long-established distribution


--Japanese site

Needless to say, a well-known and stable distribution


A distribution with a long track record comparable to RHEL in terms of enterprise orientation In the early 2000s, there were some management instability, It has been operated stably and continuously until now.

Arch Linux

--Japanese site

It may be a little sharper than CentOS, but it is one of the active and powerful distributions.

Clear Linux

Intel's distribution Optimized for x86 architecture, it boasts very high performance

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