[JAVA] When I call the file with Class # getResource from the jar file, it becomes Not Found and it is a crappy memorandum

Problem event

Place the binary files in the resources directory in a normal Java project.

FileInputStream stream = new FileInputStream(getClass().getResource("/hoge.bin").getPath());

I wrote a program to call and use in such a form. It works fine in the IDE, so when I jar it with mvn and call it from the outside, I get a Not Found Exception.

If you unzip the jar, you'll definitely find hoge.bin directly underneath. Other properties files in the same directory can be read. .. ..


Use Class # getResourceAsStream instead of Class # getResource.

InputStream stream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/hoge.bin");

 Subsequent programs may need to be modified, depending on how the InputStream is used.


 Answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/941785
 Files that have been jarted cannot be treated as individual files and must be referenced in the form of Stream.
 I'd like to read a little more serious document, but I'm tired of being so shit, so this time.

## Why did you get so shit

 It has a multi-project structure managed by maven, and the entry is project A, but resouces is that of project B, so it took time to identify the problem because I thought it was a mistake in my settings.

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