Created RSS / Atom format sitemap with Ruby on Rails

I was in charge of creating RSS feeds for SEO measures on my site, so make a note of how to do it.

Why is RSS for SEO measures?

Before that, let's review the site map.

A sitemap is a "file that you put on your server to make it easier for crawlers to find your page." There are the following types of site maps.

XML sitemap

--Describe all the URLs you want to crawl index. ――The size is large accordingly. ――Therefore, it seems that ** crawlers don't come to see us so much **. Pien

RSS / Atom feed

--Write only recent changes. --Therefore, the size is small. ――So ** crawlers come to see more often than XML sitemaps **.

The site I'm in charge of developing is a site that posts event information and attracts customers, so ** More new pages per day ** → I want you to crawl the new and added pages ** as soon as possible ** → I decided to set up an RSS / Atom feed as well as a site map.

RSS feed creation

Standard library

Rails has a standard library ( for handling RSS, and you can use it just by requiring it.

require 'rss'

Feed creation process

And where you want to make an RSS feed

# [param] event_list :List of entries to put in the feed
def create_rss_feed(event_list)
  #This time Atom1.Created in 0 format
  feed = RSS::Maker.make('atom') do |maker| = '' #An ID that uniquely identifies the feed. Maybe anything unique. = "New event" #Feed title = "Introducing the latest information on the event." #Feed description = '' #Site URL = 'Event secretariat' #Feed creator = .strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') #Last updated date and time of the feed

    event_list.each_with_index do |event|
      maker.items.new_item do |item| = event.url #URL of detail page
        item.title = event.title #Detail page title = event.start_time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') #Dates for events, publication dates for articles, etc.
  render xml: feed.to_xml

If you write and execute such a process The RSS feed is displayed on the browser like this! This time I created it in a format called Atom, but when creating it in a different format


 For example, if RSS 2.0, this "atom" part should be changed to "2.0".

## in conclusion
 The standard library was prepared, so it was completed in no time.
 I just think Rails is amazing.

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