Docker command cheat sheet

About this cheat sheet

It is not an exhaustive list, but a combination of commands and options used for basic purposes. If you want to know the meaning of each one, I think it will be easier to understand by referring to the following.

Reference -Understanding Docker -Docker command list

Docker Compose

Before starting the container

--Create and start a container according to the settings of docker-compose.yml

docker-compose up -d

--Created from Dockerfile

docker-compose up -d --build

--Container start / stop

docker-compose start
docker-compose stop

After starting the container

--Container list display

docker-compose ps

--Container deletion

docker-compose down


--Container confirmation (one-time command execution)

docker-compose run (Service name) (command)


Docker image manipulation

--Get image from Docker Hub

docker pull (Image name)

--Image list display

docker image ls

--Delete image

docker image rm (Image name)

--Create an image from Dockerfile

docker build -t (Image name) (Directory path where the Dockerfile is located)

Before starting the container

--Create a container from an image

docker create --name (Container name) (Image name)

--Launch the container from the image

docker run --rm -it -v (Local directory path):(Container directory path) -p (Local port):(Container port) (Image name) [(Startup process name)]

--Container start / stop

docker start (Container name)
docker stop (Container name)

After starting the container

--Container list display

docker ps -a

--Login to the container

docker exec -it (Container name) bash


--Container log check

docker logs -f (Container name)

--If the container doesn't work

docker run --rm (Container name) bash

--If you want to mount the directory from the middle --Stop the container once, take a snapshot image, add the -v option and start the container again

docker stop (Container name)
docker commit (Container name) (Image name)
docker run (option) (Image name)

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